"We pass the word around; we ponder how the case is put by different people, we read the poetry; we meditate over the literature; we play the music; we change our minds; we reach an understanding. Society evolves this way, not by shouting each other down, but by the unique capacity of unique, individual human beings to comprehend each other." - Lewis Thomas

Monday, November 30, 2009

"Life is not an easy task, it never has been. Yet we strive for the path that is the least disturbed, why? I have never understood this. Even though Aggression we are finding an easier way to achieve the ultimate goal. Life, as I find it, is not about finding that 'easy out' life is taking the hard road, determined to survive it, strive to find the ultimate medium, not to coast. I have discovered that everything in my life, I appreciate much more because I have had to fight for it." - Authors Note 02

The sky was grey, filling the void of blue with raindrops like fires in a chemical field. An orange glow from the digital clock, resting on one of his shelves shone directly onto his eye lids. The simple walls coloured with posters of films and an empty calender of the wrong month. The shelves above the clock were filled with unread books and CDs never listened too. The end of the bed was an over flowing laundry hamper, and a leather coat tossed on the ground. On a desk, below the shelves, a textbook lay open and unread next to a keyboard. The digital glow changed and read 8:00. Suddenly the tranquility of silence was broken by the repetition of an arrogant beeping, buzzing noise.

A half full cup of cold coffee sat on the corner of the desk. The walls were covered in ranging from pictures of friends at 'parties' to artistic photographs taken by her or professional photographers. Her shelves above her head held `nothing except for textbooks on philosophy and other subjects as well as an alarm clock. Her hair lay on the across, covering completely, the keyboard of her laptop. The floor was spotless, a drawer on her dresser was open, her clothes completely organized, folded neatly and kept apart from each other. On the laptop, photographs of friends and family randomly shuffled through each other. Her blinds were drawn, yet morning light still shone through onto the back of her head. She was wearing pajama pants and a shirt which she had worn the day before. Her clock turned to 8:00, the air filled with her favorite song. Playing loudly, her eyes opened slowly.

There was a continuous and loud knock at his door. "Dude..." a voice called from behind it. There was a few second wait in between. "...you realize we have a class at this time? Get your ass up, I'm not letting you miss another class." The clicking noise of a handle being attempted to open, then a shout "Man, I know you're in there! Seriously, if you don't get your ass up, I'm breaking down this door." then the knocking started again.

Once she realized she was singing along to the lyrics, her mind snapped back to reality. Her eyes went straight the clock, then pulled open the blinds and looked outside. "Shit!" she said under breath, looking at what she was wearing, and attempting to figure out if she had time to shower. Deciding quickly, that she did not and would shower after her class. Scavenging her open drawer she found a new shirt and opening another she found a nice pair of skinny jeans(?). Looking in her mirror to fix her elegant brunette hair, she put on light mascara and pocketed some lip gloss before quickly leaving her room and her house.

Reluctantly rolling out of bed, in nothing but boxers he opened the door to his roommates banging. "What the hell do you want Jason?" Wiping sleep out of his and picking up the clothes from yesterdays adventures, he sat back down on his unkempt bed. His short brown hair still gelled from the day before. Scratching is stomach while staring at the clock, he starts pulling on his jeans. "You look like shit mate." Jason commented on the large black bags under his eyes, as he picked up a dirty shirt and smelt it. As they left his room he did a quick check of his hair, moving a couple around.

He yawned and stretched as, he slipped into shoes and tossed on a jacket before venturing into the rain. Jason leaned against the post and watched his roommate and friend, work around the issue of tying shoes under sleep deprivation. Laughing to himself, he took a sip out of a mug of coffee and moved to the door. "How is it you people work at this hour? Why the hell am I up so early?"
"Dude if you don't like mornings, don't register for morning classes dumbass."
"Yeah, well." mumbling under his breath.

She had been rushing to class, and not paying attention to the time she was early. Her face was cold as she unraveled herself from herself from her scarf and taking off her jacket. Revealing a slim body, accented by a tight fitting long sleeved Tee, there was a small silver necklace with a clover pendant around her neck.