"We pass the word around; we ponder how the case is put by different people, we read the poetry; we meditate over the literature; we play the music; we change our minds; we reach an understanding. Society evolves this way, not by shouting each other down, but by the unique capacity of unique, individual human beings to comprehend each other." - Lewis Thomas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Beauty Of An Angel More Commonly Known As...

A smile that melts the ice
Eyes which cure the worst affliction
A voice of angelic benediction
An aura of unmatched glory
Elegance complete and voice of vice
A beauty far beyond memento mori
And a heart admired by the dove.
Who's warmth surpasses Mortal Love.



Authors note 03:
"Roses are Red
Violets are blue
All that I known Is:
I really love you"

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  1. very nice... glad to see you managed to find a few minutes to get started again :)


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